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Paul Spiegelman

Paul is a sought-after speaker and author on leadership, employee engagement, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, and customer relationships.

Once lawyer turned accidental entrepreneur in healthcare, Paul took a while to discover his passion in business and life. From sleeping on a cot in shifts in their original 24-hour business, Paul and his brothers learned the benefits of bootstrapping.

But when they started to bring on employees, they realized their real opportunity was to build a different kind of business – one based on creating an environment where people loved to work and be engaged in their personal passions.  Not only did this lead to building a successful business, but Paul realized that his calling was to try to get other business leaders to see the light – to understand the connection between culture and profit.

As a result, Paul has become a sought-after speaker and author on employee engagement, leadership, and culture.  He shares his story simply as a practitioner, not a consultant or with anything to sell but his enthusiasm for changing the way business is done. On top of that, he somehow found the time to knock out some books. In his first, Paul humbly and transparently shares his successes, best practices and failures in his internationally published book Why is Everyone Smiling? The Secret Behind Passion, Productivity and Profit. In a follow-up book, Smile Guide: Employee Perspectives on Culture, Loyalty and Profit, Paul lets his employees do the talking.  Twenty-four coworkers authored the book to tell the rest of us how to do it —sweet! Also, in his upcoming book Patients Come Second:  Leading Change By Changing The Way You Lead, co-written by Britt Berrett, Paul focuses specifically how culture drives a better patient experience in the healthcare world.

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