The 5 People You Need to Fire This Year

April 8, 2015 | by Paul Spiegelman

If major corporate failures like WorldCom, Lehman Brothers, and Countrywide Home Loans taught us anything, it’s that culture is the foundation of any strong business. To have a healthy corporate culture, you need to focus on people first — both inside and outside the company.

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Exclusive Interview: Paul Spiegelman, Best-Selling Author and Culture Executive

February 13, 2015 | by Aaron S. Robertson

Sought-after speaker, TV guest, author, contributor to a number of popular business magazines, and now fellow team member to this author, discusses the importance of organizational culture and what it truly means to have a values-driven business.

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How To Keep Your Company Culture From Fading As You Grow

February 2, 2015 | by Paul Spiegelman

There’s so much more to your company than what it sells.

The feeling you get when you walk through the office doors is what really defines your brand, attracts top talent, and builds loyal customers. Unfortunately, as your budding venture grows, it’s easy to lose sight of those feelings.

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